Who We Serve

Costume Designers

business owner making clothes at store

Costume designers are inundated with daily tasks, emergency changes, and a million other things, which means you don't have time to focus on accounting services. We are here to serve you by handling all financial responsibilities, so you can better serve your clients.

We specialize in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services to help free up your time and energy and maximize your money. We help eliminate wasteful spending, reduce taxes, and optimize cash flow to keep your business healthy today and for years to come.

Our focus is on much more than basic financial services; we are here to maximize profitability and help your business grow. Contact our CPA firm today to schedule your free consultation and start scaling your business like never before.

Accounting and Tax Services

  • Accounting for costume designers

  • Outsourced bookkeeping

  • Strategic tax planning

  • Outsourced CFO services

  • Financial statements

  • Evaluation of internal controls

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Payroll

  • Budgeting

  • Business loan assistance

  • QuickBooks support